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lettuceLeafer OP wrote (edited )

I think everything you said is somewhat fair. Tho the gun licensing varies a ton by state. Mine requires you to get a FOID card for ammunition which takes an average of several months to get. But yeah most red states it's pretty easy to get a Gun. Yeah, I was just thinking about my getting a Gun when in reality I'm in one of the most challenging states to get a Gun. So it's easier for most others in the US

Tho I still think one should be regularly reminding themself and purposefully going through all the safety stuff since the danger of one slip up with a Gun is so high.


Stigmata wrote (edited )

Oh yeah; you definitely are right then with the expense and time in your case. I have a habit of forgetting that stuff varies wildly by not only state but even county.

Yeah, the danger is definitely there, and when you do slip up it can be really bad. Somewhat anecdotal but it seems like slip ups occur more often with those experienced with guns; probably due to a combination of just proximity but also complacency. I think the old saying goes something like “the moment you get too comfortable is when you get killed”, I work with high voltage sometimes and always try to remember that, and I think it applies pretty well to guns too.