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Defasher wrote (edited )

Just remembered another one. An 'anarchist' who defended the US military because "it really improved my life after I joined up".

Then he attacked me for saying that Mussolini deserved to be executed. He spent the better part of an hour insisting that Mussolini could have been removed from power peacefully and shouldn't have been killed and I wasn't an anarchist for supporting his 'murder'. This all coming from someone that was enlisted in the US military during the (2nd) Iraq war and made no apologies for it.

arms_room_rat was his name.


goof_goat wrote

i think some military people move 'left' because the military kind of has a system that takes care of all your needs and that experience wins them over. but then, they become weirdly defensive of the military because it took care of them... i've never been sure of how to deal with people like this


mofongo wrote

The military I've heard moved left after serving were the ones that noticed how much the corporations profit from war.