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RedAgitator wrote

I am a masculine jar of mayonnaise so it's possible I miss a lot of subtle garbage, anyway I'll try to give you a little insight.

First of all it's not as bad as a YouTube comment sections, downvoting kinda works unlike YouTube dislikes. This means that unlike Facebook and YouTube comments you can have little happy islands where normally people don't behave like assholes. Even there there are a lot of brocialists, moslty in favour of class reductionism and whining about identity politics.

Most people would say that Reddit has never been as bad as it is today. It is true, however it was hardly much better in the past. If I have to describe the history of Reddit with few words, I'd say you should know about this chronological order of shitshows:

  1. /r/jailbait a subreddit dedicated to proliferating material for pedophiles, it was shut down as soon as it was found by the admins. Ahahah just kidding, it was shut down only after the lefties told the press about that place. bad subreddit --> bad press --> admins ban subreddit, that's how it works

  2. GamerGate created a literal schism among subreddits because gamers couldn't accept women in their toxic safe spaces. To this day /r/KotakuInAction still exists, it just evolved into a fascist shithole.

  3. TheFappening happened on Reddit. It took the admins like one day to cleanse their website from all the leaked images while users were busy arguing that celebs shouldn't keep private sensitive pictures on their mobile phones if they didn't want them to be stolen. The admins claimed that it took them one day to start banning users and subreddits involved because they had to keep the website stable because the influx was too high, yes they preferred to keep the ads and the server stable instead of nuking the server room.

  4. /r/fatpeoplehate a subreddit dedicated to making fun of fat people with the guise of giving them the motivation to lose weight, they also committed to targeted abuse of users and that lead to a ban. After the ban no one heard from them again... pfff jokes on you comrade! they kept spamming the front page for days after the ban, polluting it with their filfth and attacks towards the CEO of Reddit (then a woman)

  5. The insecure males of Reddit used the firing of a Reddit employee as a scapegoat to attack and force the resignation of that same woman CEO. A hundred of major subreddits went private for a day while the front page was full of gendered and racial insults towards this asian woman (a bourgeoise, yes, but it shows the true colours of the community)

  6. Slowly the fascists began infiltrating every subreddit. The major fascist subreddits at that time were banned, but it was too late because fascists found a perfect soil for their seeds of hatred. So while /r/coontown was banned, we were left to live with the fine gentlement of /r/european. Now you ask, why name it "/r/European" and not "/r/Europe"? Because there was already a sub named /r/Europe. Can you guess why those kind gentlemen needed their own place to discuss about the impending invasion of Europe? Even that subreddit was soft-banned after a reeeeeally long time and after infecting /r/Europe, too little too late.

  7. The_Donald. Until now overtly fascist subreddits were small, they were hardly never featured on the front page. T_D changed everything. We have no idea how it started, maybe it was made as a joke, but I'm sure about two things. One: it surged to the top in no time thanks to bots, astroturfers and really dedicated users. Two: it generated major drama at least ONCE per month, more episodes of drama than the splits of a trot party. Ever heard of Pizzagate? Thanks to T_D a man showed up with a rifle trying to save non-existant kids from the basement of a random restaurant run by imaginary jewish/democrats/communists/liberals involved in a made up pedophile group. I can't stress out how much shit that sub has accomplished. Maybe it isn't as bad as /r/nazi or /r/Physical_Removal (helicopter and Pinochet "jokes") regarding quality, it certainly is regarding sheer numbers. I fear more a mainstream fascist subreddit than a hardcore one with not even 1/100 the subs of the former.

I've tried to give you an insight on drama, big time drama of the past. Hope it was worth the time to write.


mofongo wrote

Regarding 4, fatpeoplehate were only banned because they targeted the imgur admins which pressure the Reddit admins to act.

Also, all of the banned subs mentioned have alternate subreddits still open.


zorblax wrote

TheFappening happened on Reddit.

technically not true. It got popular on reddit though.