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goof_goat OP wrote

" I had a similar realization about 4chan back in my misspent youth (a significant amount of self-hatred stemmed from that cesspool), so I was willing to self-examine. Reddit is far more terrifying in this aspect, because it is one of the highest trafficked websites in the world now."

i feel like there's a panic over 4chan & 8chan in certain sectors of the media related to like angela nagle's kill all normies that completely misses reddit


squirrels wrote

Agreed. They'll happily exploit fear-mongering over 4chan & 8chan, but reddit barely gets a mention here or there. I think it's also harder for them to stir up fear or to pin it down for what it is, because there are subs for everything. People will just point to the happy, fluffy subs and the company itself will exploit the image that the company crafted back in the Aaron Swartz days of being the cool, new, progressive internet "community," while entirely missing that the fascist subs are among the most active.