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Enkara wrote (edited )

I was a mod at the time and removed that person from meta Anarchist Court because they were abusing and belittling a neurodivergent comrade who came back after flouncing for mental health reasons a while back. That's when hamjam decided to make a big fuss about it and fight for their rights to be an abusive transphobic asshole (The "Did you just assume my gender" thing is a popular transphobic joke).


BlackFlagged wrote

juam actually did a very similar thing, accused me of being 'sexist' for calling him bro, tried to insinuate I was misgendering him without outright saying it. Meanwhile, his post history was filled with him talking about what a 'good father' he is to his kids and repeatedly identifying as male.


Enkara wrote (edited )

It's pretty icky... the only way to attack it is head-on but then you get people all affronted like "How DARE you ask me my pronouns or am I cis or trans!?"


goof_goat OP wrote

wow so is anarchist court just filled with abusive transphobes now?


ziq wrote (edited )

Abusers and the bureaucrats that enable them. I learned a lot from that toxic environment re: how raddle should be structured to avoid all those pitfalls.