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BlackFlagged wrote (edited )

HamJuan sending me a long ass pm trying to convince me I'm worthless trash who will never be loved by anyone and will die alone and miserable. It was some grade A suicide goading but I just laughed it off because I have no problem being alone.

Anyway, a few weeks later he tries to get someone banned for suicide goading him. So I mention the pm he sent me, and he gets banned too.

So then he sends nasty pms to the mod that he thinks banned him, trying to get her to kill herself. And follows that up with a similar suicide-goad pm to Enkara a few weeks later.


Enkara wrote

I think this might be his writing style? But hamjam I'd expect to be more long-winded:

I asked him to give me his number so I can call him the next time I'm on the cliff and get some motivational speaking but he just deleted his account.


BlackFlagged wrote (edited by a moderator )

He deleted his account because we all knew it was him.

He also sent tons of angry messages to [a mod] that were way worse.


Enkara wrote (edited )

Ahh it makes sense now...

I remember when Hamjam played high-road taking rational chill guy under attack by weirdo Internet terrorists, but this is what these trolls are like under all that faux demeanor.


mofongo wrote

He made an account here a few weeks back, then never returned, I've been meaning to mention you about it, but forgot.