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Defasher wrote (edited )

Getting my account suspended for 'doxxing' for pointing out that some troll was lying about not being American when he repeatedly said in his post history what US state he was from.

Prince_Kropotkin convincing an entire sub of reactionaries (r/drama) to doxx, stalk and harass anarchists, trans folk and anyone else he considers 'edgy'. And now seeing the mods of r/completeanarchy and r/chapotraphouse letting him use their subs for his harassment campaigns too.

ravencrowed and Prince_Kropotkin posing as anarchists while constantly defending cops, saying they're just working class blokes and no different than walmart cashiers.

burtzev refusing to stop misgendering someone, and then starts calling them 'it' when threatened with a ban. Still doesn't get banned for another year.


rebelsdarklaughter calling people 'ageist' for saying having sex with kids is wrong. Then agreeing with someone that 'there's nothing wrong with man-boy-love'. Everyone refuses to ban him because 'it's just a misunderstanding'. Then PK mods him on his sub and they do a podcast together where PK defends his pedo comments.


ziq wrote


Ugh that sub. They just deleted a thread about raddle because PK filled it with his usual bullshit. The mod notice was "removed cos crazy".


Defasher wrote

lmao, that crypto-fash Hannibal_Lecturer is in there saying you tried to 'crowd fund PK's doxx' on raddle. The fuck is with the PK cult and compulsive lying?


ziq wrote (edited )

idk, but that's a pretty good idea since he doxxed me and got a weird mix of fascists, pedos and israeli nationalists to harass me at work on 2 separate occasions.


mofongo wrote

There is even a sub called the pk defense force that goes around defending dear leader from critics.


Enkara wrote (edited )

Hahaha remember when (I think burtzev) said that when he was calling them "it" they were just doing regular old dehumanization... like they call cishet people "it" all the time supposedly and it has nothing to do with gender (yeah right), therefore it wasn't transphobia? Despite no where them using "it" as an insult on cis people.


Defasher wrote (edited )


"It", by the way is, of course, meant as an insult. You should be an expert on insults by now. It is neither masculine or feminine. In English it carries the connotation of 'inanimate', not even approaching the level of a toadstool or other noxious living thing. Besides, how do you know what gender Stinky is ? I think it should be apparent by now that nobody should take ANY of Stinky's manufactured persona as truth.

I'm getting barfing flashbacks.


mofongo wrote

No, no, desfasher, you misundertood them; they're only against romeo and juliet laws, it has nothing to do with child, totally.

It hurt to write that, we need a condecending tag here.