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CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

I don't have catch-alls, but I do have methods.

An insult should be customized; tailored to attack specific faults in people. Personal. Intimate even. Of course, you could go for more general approach.

Go for wordplay, alliteration, one or two adjectives should work, use words you rarely hear or see if you want. Be creative. If all else fails, use your common swear in conjunction with a common object or body part (avoid female genitalia for obvious reasons). Using words that imply that they ingest vile substances also works.

"You ignominious cockheel!"

"You smug scumshit!"

Use this in moderation, otherwise you get shit like: "You worthless, puerile reprobate!"

which comes off as too tryhard.

And so forth.

I personally prefer implying that the person I'm insulting has no redeeming qualities or personality, but this is about outright name-calling not personally deconstructive sentences or one-liners.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Just to be a buzzkill, Motherfucker does have context which seems sexist/patriarchal




It follows in the grand old tradition of insulting men by either comparing them to women (horrors!), specifically their genitalia, like “pssy” or “cnt”, or or insulting the only woman they can be presumed to have any respect for, their mothers, as in “son of a bitch,” “son of a whore” or “motherfucker.”

Found here:

You'll notice that the other answers there are by MEN and they don't consider it sexist. Patriarchy in full effect.....


existential1 wrote

My top cartoon insult was from ed, edd, and eddy where edd called someone a "narcisstic ninny."


veuzi wrote

Anything that involves poop, pee, vomit or bodily fluids in general will blend nicely into a disgusting word


mima wrote

"you are not based"


aaaaarg wrote

  • boring
  • tedious
  • pedantic
  • bureaucrat
  • selfish
  • bad at thing they want to be perceived as good at

syster wrote

Any insult takes part in shaping the narrative about the word that is used. Choosing words that present something "most" like, but you don't, might take part in changing the narrative to your desire.


You police officer! You are such a car! (yes, I don't like cars :-)

Personally I usually never insult anyone, but describe in short what I dislike about them, which can be interpreted as an insult.


reddit_exile_74205 wrote (edited )

One (that I think I'm getting from Trotsky, although I don't remember which piece) is "[someone] has a dislocated brain."

I feel that it's not ableist because in addition to not being an injury that makes that much sense, "dislocated" suggests to me that it's temporary, and it's not saying that their brain doesn't work, just that they're not using it.

Please point me in the right direction if you do think this is ableist.