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Stigmata wrote

I am in the socialist rifle association. I am not very active just because I am somewhat shy, and also there has been a history of police harassing members.

It is nice though because I see photos posted by the other members, and it lets me know that there is at least a small community that is in my area that if things got really bad I could turn to. I think my chapter is out of the ordinary though and is a lot more active than others.


disabled_larper OP wrote

I'm not in the US but the SRA looks pretty cool. One big criticism I have though is it being explicitly far-left. That's just begging to be a major target for state infiltration & surveillance.

Of course, the state will infiltrate any left wing organization regardless of how tame it is, but maybe they would take it less seriously if it was just advertised as an anti-racist queer-friendly alternative to reactionary gun clubs.