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zorblax wrote

In any society, every person should have a guarantee that their basic physical needs will be met.


culprit wrote

What are the collective resources of living? Air, water, food, shelter, clothing, bathroom facilities, a place to sleep. These are the base material needs of a living human. We can extend a bit further into basic healthcare, since illness and injury are statically significant barriers to living. Beyond these material needs, you start moving onto more ephemeral needs like liberty, agency, community, social connection, etc.

So why are you asking this question? The answer seems pretty well understood to anyone that is alive.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


culprit wrote

I answered the material aspects of the question. What's with the trolly quotes?


LostYonder wrote

Besides the basic material needs, however they may be defined, I think community/belonging is most essential. While it seems inherently implied in the idea of "collectivist" I feel more attention needs to be paid to the emotional and moral sense of belonging, that can never be imposed or learned, it has to be experienced...