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black_fox wrote

prosthelytize and argue with people on reddit dot com


Punished_Soda OP wrote

Seems to be working out for the famous anarcho-blogger, ziq. Unfortunately, I do not have a reddit account.


Mirio wrote

you are only allowed to wear black, but it has to be by accident


CameronNemo wrote

It is alright if you start out wearing earth colors. But in that case, by the end of you doing anarchy, your clothes should be stained with dirt and ash.


Punished_Soda OP wrote

Band tees only seem to come in black ...

There's a correlation here, but google scholar offers no meaningful studies for me to cite. An academic blindspot, I think.


zoom_zip wrote

make sure you carry the right flag on your sleeve and don’t differ from the doctrine prescribed to that specific flag


Kinshavo wrote

Steal a pair of boltcutters without any boltcutters


Ikeepforgetting wrote

Local Vape Industries owns the trademark, so you could ask if they sell starter packs.


temtemy wrote

wear a mask, and make sure it's black. and don't forget the molotovs


loukanikos wrote

We hold initiation ritual annually on May 1. Since you missed it, you'll just have to wait. Sorry I don't make the rules. Actually, no one does.


ruin wrote

Don’t ask me. I gave up trying and now self identify as crypto-fascist. Seems like less work and hassle for everyone.