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bloodrose wrote

I wasn't feeling well and I layed down. My daugther brought me a book to read and put on some music for me. While I didn't want either of those things, she was trying to take care of me and it was the sweetest thing ever so I profusedly thanked her for her care.


Kanna wrote

I've had to give my cat medicine for the past week now and I was worried it made him dislike me. This morning after I gave him medicine, I spent a little time with him and we stared at each other for a bit, then he nudged my hand to pet him. He's my #1 guy, so I'm glad he knows I care.


Bezotcovschina wrote

Finally got a book "How to survive in a modern prison". Great read! Enjoyed it a lot!


loukanikos wrote

Not today but yesterday a neighbor had put out free little mini boquets in reused glass containers for passerbys to take. My partner got a nice snowbell and bleeding heart combo that was in an old maple syrup jar. Anarchy in the neighborhood 💚


groovygardener42069 wrote

My wife and I got our dog a shirt. It's his first one - we're not normally "put clothes on our dog people," but he has really bad skin allergies and we've tried everything at this point. He loves it!!! He's so cute!!! We put it on him to make sure it fit okay and he didn't want us to take it off