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Tequilx_Wolf wrote

I was thinking in a scenario where the average people can't reproduce the actual conditions, a situation where there is no "thin coat" of civility, the whole liberal "human rights" are in check and there is no hope that they will be recuperated.

This is how it is for most of the people I know, except the civility thing, which I think is nothing more than a boogeyman. Humans can find new normals in any hell. If there will be a loss of civility, it will be for short periods. Like we have now. I don't know what it's like everywhere, but I know a few places, and the world is hell and suffering, but people are built to take unbelievable beatings.

But I can counter argument here and say that people still hang in hope for a better future, they vote for the lesser evil, they separate the garbage, etc. There still a common belief in being Progressive.

In the global north, sure, since people there live off the horrors of whole continents. It's not like that around here.

if one day we all wake up and the ugliness of the naked king will be shockingly apparent for everyone.

I don't think so. Too many are invested in their own oppression, enough that they will venerate the naked king. Like they do.


kinshavo OP wrote

I am all over the place here but I think you made some points for me to think about.

I totally agree when you say that for a lot of people the collapse already happened and there is no hope because life is hell since a long time and they won't woke up for any sudden break bc for them will not mean anything, I think I can notice this in some degree and compare the country I am living in (north) from my youth in a city in LatinAmerica.

I can counter argument here and say that people still hang in hope for a better future

I was not taking in consideration a lot of things, and damn! I was almost propagating the beloved neoliberal ethos. Thanks for waking me up.