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zoom_zip wrote

no sorry. 19 is the maximum.


pokan wrote

I heard it was 18. I'll never agree with you 19-maximum people and your fake anarchy


aaaaargZombies wrote

No they spend too much time posting to run a business.


Kinshavo wrote

Pode tudo só não pode qualquer coisa


sadsal wrote

Hierarchical business? Seems like it conflicts with Anarchist values.

Cooperative business? I don’t see any contradictions there.


Gordyr wrote (edited )

It depends on what kind of anarchist you are. Ancaps can have up to 1000000 employees at the same time, lol. Honestly, I don't see a problem having as many employees as your company needs. I know that some anarchists reject the idea of private property on factors of production, but we're not living in an anarchist world. You can still educate your workers, providing online training manuals for them. Btw, how can u be an anarchist (who probably rejects private property and capitalism) and own your own company? It's weird!