Raddlers who still browse Reddit, what are your favorite Reddit communities which you would like to see here but are too lazy to create?

Submitted by elyersio in AskRaddle (edited )

Maybe this'll help some of you (and me) switch fully to Raddle

I'll list some of mine and maybe create a subraddle for them:

And here I'll list yours:


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zorblax wrote

r/math but I doubt there are enough professional mathematicians browsing raddle for it to be worth


[deleted] wrote (edited )


zorblax wrote

yeah but I browse r/math because there are people who do serious math research and they talk about interesting things.


Enkara wrote (edited )


bea wrote (edited )

I second this. It's my favorite meme sub. I was thinking about making it myself but I wasn't sure if I'd be a good mod...


buzz wrote

i would like a non racist and leftist versions of /r/vexillology, and /r/mapporn
probably just named /f/flag, /f/map or /f/vexillology, /f/cartography (but maybe not because it makes barriers to forum discovery)


PainlessEphemera wrote


I hate how you encounter clickbait even on reputable websites. If they weren’t so greedy, we wouldn’t have as much disinformation spreading. I saw one that claimed Sally Fields was dead, which I’m sure she’s not.


mofongo wrote

I would like for /f/gaming to be more active, i usually use game specific subs but I don't think they would have much use. /f/science needs more comments. Anything more casual too, I would like raddle to be a full fledge reddit replacement not just my front page.


zombie_berkman wrote

The only one that doesn't really exist here is gundeals but my account thanks me


CasuallyCreative wrote

i wish the tabletop rpg subreddits on this sub were more active