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metocin wrote

Canada is just a mash up of the worst parts of British and American culture. Majority of people here are racist against indigenous people while at the same time having this smug sense of superiority over Americans because we didn't have the same history of chattel slavery. That said I do enjoy living here for the most part, up until recently its been better because of legal weed but the latest crackdown on firearms is a pretty big bummer. Access to firearms would be pretty much my only reason for considering moving to the States.

I have the whole (english/irish) settler thing going on here so personally if I could move anywhere it would probably be somewhere in Ireland.


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masque wrote (edited )

This is despite the US having better weather for one compared to Canada.

Both the US and Canada are way too big for there to be a "US weather" that can be compared with "Canadian weather."

For instance, Victoria has a Mediterranean climate that I would argue makes it one of the nicest cities in the world, weather-wise.