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southerntofu wrote

I agree this is a good question. If you identify as "right-wing" based on labels the media places on political parties, you will be glad to learn we have no sympathy for established parties (or political parties as a concept that divides the people not by ideas/concerns but by affiliation).

In fact, an anarchist analysis would say most (all?) political parties are right-wing. We understand left-wing to be "sharing/cooperation" and right-wing to be "property/competition". Most parties presented by the media as left-wing are in fact not, because they don't oppose private property (eg. they don't propose redistributing wealth like the millions of empty apartments waiting to rot while people sleep on the streets). The "socialist"/"democratic" parties in most of the world, when they have come to power (like in France) have only betrayed their people and went further with injustice, and further from socialism (which could be understood as a society of free individuals sharing from each according to their capabilities, to each according to their needs).

Then it's not just a matter of left and right. There's also the question of the means: how do we reach social justice? Authoritarians of both sides would have to believe we need governments, police and prisons to improve humanity. We anarchists stand on the anti-authoritarian (libertarian) side, because we believe in (and practice) autonomous self-organization and challenge all systems of domination and injustice. The only thing i'm imposing on you is to not impose things over others (and vice-versa). We do not want to be ruled, and do not want to become rulers ourselves, because no single person (or parliament) holds as much wisdom as a crowd of folks concerned by a specific issue.

So to recap:

Left Right
Above Authoritarian communism (marxism-leninism) Authoritarian capitalism (neoliberalism)
Below Libertarian communism (anarchism) Libertarian capitalism

I believe most people follow anarchist principles in many aspects of life without realizing it, and i believe most people when asked meaningful questions would tend towards anarchism. What defines anarchists and anarchist communities like Raddle is a common consciousness, or understanding of the world.

Some anarchist tenets may help you get a better feeling of whether you'd feel at home here:

  • "To each according to their needs, from each according to their abilities"
  • "Freedom without equality is the rule of the strongest, equality without freedom is tyranny"
  • "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty"
  • "Prison is a social crime that does not bring justice to the victims, and does not help the perpetrators"
  • "Borders are imaginary lines created by the powerful to divide us and exploit us"
  • "The police is a criminal organization whose goal is to maintain injustice and State control at all costs"
  • "Social war is inevitable because we are ready to make any concession for peace, except to concede our freedom, and those in power will never concede away their privileges"

These only cover a few issues. We have many other issues/struggles traversing the anarchist movement, such as the gender binary and patriarchal rule, racism (cultural or colorist) and colonization, destruction of nature (extractivism and ecocide), and many others.