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ziq wrote

china bad


d4rk wrote

I dogmatically define the above comment based.


moonlune wrote (edited )

Have you checked /f/china and /f/East_Asia ? there were threads about raddle's thoughts on china.


_caspar_ wrote

many. what about it specifically?


rot wrote

good food and I hear they make good aks


BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote (edited )

Don’t have strong opinions, but their pandemic response was excellent and should be considered a model. Building 2 hospitals in a few weeks and aggressively quarantining the way they did was amazing. It is a pandemic response strategy which can be implemented in most countries and can starve the pandemic in only a few months.

I also support another specific one of their policies, but I got banned for that so I won’t ‘rehash’ it


stims1999 wrote

I do have to agree with you there.

While there are many absolutely disgusting things that china has done in the name of authority. The pandemic was one which needed tough lockdowns and even tougher enforcement. And china delivered on that.

Meanwhile the USA, UK, Mexico, Brazil among many others did a horrible job of responding and lead to many deaths because of the economy.

I will always see china as a good model of pandemic response