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Kinshavo wrote

I think this point is very important. The instrumentalization of the language by the academia builds an actual intelectual hierarchy. This is very remnant of the bolshevism, the inteligentsia creates the words and concepts, and an hermetic theory distant from the average people.

I read a lot of critique of philosophersr like foucault and deleuze that appear to write obscure text just for the sake of writing hard.. an inverted poetry of sorts of you like.

Anyway, burn the academia, Social Theory is dead, Political Theory is dead, burn the social science libraries. The life is on the Streets, not in dead ink on dead paper. [Now you can throw a brick at me for the edgy remark]


milkweed wrote

Yeah burn everything... that’s gonna help a ton


Kinshavo wrote (edited )

Poetic license my dear.

I really need to make myself transparent to you?