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Bezotcovschina wrote

I agree wit a lot of things that fellow raddlers have already said.

As for me - being nerd is cool. Now especially. Throw away your outdated misconceptions of nerdiness. If you like something nerdy - follow your desire, it's the most coolest thing ever.

What will never-ever be cool - is forcing yourself into things you don't like. Most of the times it looks completely pathetic.

You can try different hobbies not worrying how masculine or nerdy they are. Your desire, your confidentness - is all that matter to be cool.

As for socialization - you certainly won't like it being put into social circles that judge you upon how masculine or not-nerdy your interests are. Sure, a lot of nerdy circles have their own problems, but I think eventually you will be able to find one you feel comfortable with.

I really know how it feels, really. And I know how rewarding it is to pursue what you really want.