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masque wrote

A substantial percentage of your posting history consists of you looking for a meaningful hobby or interest but dismissing every specific hobby that you or someone else has suggested, often for tangential reasons like an association with "nerds" or "libertarian fucks" or a vague lack of motivation.

The "perfect hobby" that's simultaneously meaningful, intrinsically motivating, and free from all negative social connotations is not going to come along, especially if you keep dismissing things before getting involved enough to find out whether you actually enjoy them. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

To answer your original question, the obvious examples that come to mind are a wide range of DIY activities (woodworking, metalworking, whittling, leathercraft, etc.).


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masque wrote

I'm trying to get back to programming with a game engine right now.

Great! I saw you mention Godot a while ago. I finished my first Godot project recently and found it very nice to work with, although my background is obviously different than yours.