how do i stop cutting myself

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my first thought is to ask myself what is causing the problem

a while ago my friends who where teachers where left incapable of talking to me this was because i was a student at the time.

this left me to grow incredibly sad. i cut myself as a result it lets me be happy for a moment it is proof that i am sad and i would like help.

no one ever ask how i am feeling i live in a broken house i just want to cut myself and commit suicide how do i stop this.

ps/edit i forgot to mention my family hates talking about mental heath relation things like cutting

i think they have there own going on. i also have no friends they all left due to the teacher student thing. in the future i might avoid talking to anyone outside my age or class it always ends poorly everyone keeps telling me that anyway



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RichOldWhiteMan wrote (edited )

741741 is a halfway decent crisis resource for cutting or suicide. If u feel alone, want to stop cutting but dont feel like u can stop on ur own crisis text line is a decent resource if you can text.

Oh, and depending on your location texting may not work but I'm pretty sure using it through Facebook messenger works everywhere.


you_can_eat_tree OP wrote

thanks unfortunately i live in a country that doesn't support crisis text line also facebook sucks you have to give out way to much personal information also i don't have a phone number. my situation sucks


rot wrote

When you feel like cutting try focusing on whats around you, how you are feeling (physically and emotionally) and why. This helps me with anxiety attacks. After the feeling of wanting to cut temporarily passes try talking to someone you can trust about it.or find a psychiatrist if you can.

Most importantly don't be angry at yourself for giving in to the urge to cut


keez wrote

When you feel like cutting, try screaming into a pillow instead. I know its not the best advice, but it can help.


celebratedrecluse wrote

In the moment, you need to find ways to divert yourself from the activity you have determined is problematic/compulsive. For example, grounding techniques, breathing techniques, someone you can call, diversionary alternative activities, and harm reduction/first aid if you decide to cut anyway.

This means you need to also have some kind of long term plan for how to deal with this, too.

There are no easy answers.

You need to find social supports. That can be online, it also ideally is offline too. It's difficult right now with pandemic, but finding ways to socially distance while going out is perhaps possible depending on your situation.

You also need to cultivate self-reliance. Emotional independence is important, and as a consequence is difficult to grow. A certain toughness is required for survival for most in this world, it comes with time and sometimes need to be relearned as well. Being aware of this, does not mean giving up on the prospect if it seems difficult; it means, rising to the occasion, one step at a time.

There are many things that are unfair. We can do what we can to rectify what we wish, but self-love has to be non-negotiable. It is not easy, but the brutality of life should not be a cause for further, vindictful or vengeful harm, to ourselves or others.