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rot wrote

hard choice. split between raspberries and bananas. I'll go with prickly pear just to be different


Glenn_carbon wrote

Watermelon. I grow them almost every year, they've been my favorite since I was a kid. I also really like pineapple, though every time I try to grow one a squirrel, raccoon, rat, or something comes and eats it before I pick it.


Sun wrote

Gomu Gomu


Raxalor wrote


You can make a bomb pepper sauce with mango and habaneros


thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

What do you eat the sauce with?


Raxalor wrote (edited )

The flavors mix really well with cilantro and onion, so many Puerto Rican dishes, TexMex, breakfast tacos, straight up rice and beans...

If I'm being honest, I probably put it on anything that isn't sweet

I should mention that the sauce itself has other ingredients like other peppers (hatch chili, jalapenos, or whatever else I'm feeling), vinegar, onion, garlic, salt, paprika, and lime. I might be forgetting some other ingredients for that particular sauce, because I haven't made a batch since late September, but that's the general list of ingredients in my sauces


Quicksilver wrote

I like dried fruit usually, especially figs and dates. Undried, probably mangoes and bananas. I really miss star fruit as well, haven't had it since I moved.


yeepyorp wrote

this will be an evil thing to say but... i love eating lemons. a lot


Kinshavo wrote

Maybe persimmon, not sure if I have a favorite fruit


Ennui wrote

Toss up between the orange and the blackberry.


bosunmoon wrote

Huckleberry's and Ground cherries are a pretty even tie for me. I just love tiny crunchy seeds.


masque wrote

Probably mango, maybe plum if you get it at just the right state of ripeness.