You see someone who is not keeping their distance or wearing a mask. What do you do?

Submitted by temtemy in AskRaddle

For some reason I always hold my breath until they are out of range (like I'm 4 meters away from them). I don't know if that works lol. But of course politely reminding them (while not facing them and increasing your distance) that they are endangering others is the most effective way.

Other than politely reminding them, what would you do?



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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I just move away from them when I can, which is most of the time, and will bring up physical distancing if I feel comfortable.


ziq wrote

Tell them to back the fuck off.


Bezotcovschina wrote

I just avoid them. Holding my breath and turning away, too. I don't try to reason them, because it might lead to lengthy arguments and I value my time too much to argue with random shitheads.


snack wrote

Have all the emotions on the inside and just stare at them angrily hoping they get it while i conflict myself into stupor because i don't want to move away if they are being a dick but also i'm confrontation-avoidant. so yeah, i guess it depends on the day


bloodrose wrote

My six year old runs away while shouting "six feet, six feet" like it's a bit of a game. I am terrified of confrontation so usually do nothing more than step out of the way.


disfalo wrote

For some reason I always hold my breath until they are out of range (like I'm 4 meters away from them). I don't know if that works lol

That works. I do the same for combustion-engine vehicles. They kill far more people than COVID-19. I can hold my breath for two and a half minutes now (maybe wearing a mask contributed to that somehow?).

I don't wear a mask when I walk in the woods, I just "social distance" when I walk by people (which is rarely). Also, I live in a street with no car access, and I prefer choosing streets with less traffic (which is very little in the country anyway).


rot wrote

always seems to be the oldest and most at risk too


Stigmata wrote (edited )

It’s a bit annoying to say the least that it seems like older people don’t care at all.

I’m in university and everyone I know wears a mask and follows really strict rules so that we don’t get the virus and then spread it to high risk people (namely old people). Then I see the old people we are trying to protect running around going to parties and going about life like everything is completely normal.

The only reason they can act like the virus doesn’t exist is because everyone else is working hard to prevent the spread.