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throwaway wrote

What happened to coinshred?


existential1 OP wrote

No clue. Just hadn't used in a long time and saw the 404. Figured it died awhile ago but I was late to the knowledge party.


lettuceleafer wrote (edited )

Linking to copywritren content is against TOS I think. So best bet would be to just find someone who read the article and then wrote about it.


celebratedrecluse wrote



lettuceleafer wrote

Content is also prohibited if it

Sexualizes minors or promotes adults having sex with minors.

Trivializes or makes light of rape.

Apologizes for police or military brutality, imperialism, eugenics, genocide.

Apologizes for violence towards children.

Is a pornographic image/video (however, nudity is permitted if it's non-pornographic).

Is a link to a copyrighted file.

This document was updated on October 26, 2020 to add this line to the content policy: "Is a link to a copyrighted file."


masque wrote (edited )

That doesn't make any sense. All creative works are protected by copyright by default in most countries, with some exceptions (e.g. stuff created by the US government is automatically public domain in the US). Even something distributed under a free license, like Wikipedia, is technically copyrighted.

Obviously the language in the TOS is meant to avoid legal problems associated with piracy, but as written basically everything on the site is currently a TOS violation.