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or how do i destroy this dystopia

people often follow the mainstream ideology to the point of suicide

because of the stress created by school teenagers do drugs drink alcohol get bulled to the point of suicide whilst everyone assumes this is normal that you can only speak to a metal heath professional about suicidal thoughts i am sick of this dystopia and want to destroy it but have no idea how to do it. any suggestions. i have thought about making and bartering zines making leftist books and bartering them. my goal is to lure people away from the mainstream ideology.



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CoryImmediatism wrote is all set up to print propaganda as zine/booklets that you just have to staple and fold. So, for the price of printing a few, you would have pamphlets to hand out or mail to ppl


error wrote

Start small like bars, clubs, bookshops, barbershops, etc.

Also do not underestimate the power of seeding torrents you would be surprised how far something will spread if you seed it from a vps and let it be for months. Popular torrent sites will be adequate there are numerous lists on torrentfreak and reddit.


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error wrote

Could always rent a cheap VPS with crypto that way its seeding from another jurisdiction and shouldn't be throttled as long as the company or ISP the hosting provider uses doesn't have policies against it.


Hash_the_Stampede wrote

Do art.

Like comics, and movies, and music. Hollywood movies are an insidious form of propaganda. People pay to get brainwashed and they don't even know it's happening! YouTube is also effective. or, become an evil rich bastard and buy out a giant media outlet. Murdoch style. Facebook is great at brainwashing people, though I would stay away from all social media lest you place your own mental health at risk.

At the very least, keep posting. Spread your message via forums. Someone will read it. Maybe that's enough?


videl wrote

loving the school hate youre bringing. wish more people could see through it's bullshit. honestly one of the most fucked up and damaging institutions & also probably the weakess point of the system in USA at least. the idea of school should be challenged more often so thanks for that


rot wrote

I saw someone (online) replacing product labels with anti-capitalist art you could do that or shove small zines in random places like evangelical christians do


isvarahparamahkrsnah wrote

eh, just live your life.
If people think you're doing good, they'll follow you