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error wrote

7th Generation, every wheel comes full circle in time.


jaidedctrl wrote (edited )

graduate from college, get some crappy IT job. live with my girlfriend, or maybe one of my best friends. do some cool stuff in my spare time. or, alternatively, get a cool IT job, but those are in short supply.


potatoes wrote

Move out. Maybe buy property, if I can find some livable land that is affordable. Hopefully find some closer friends.


videl wrote

survive & not contribute to all the bullshit as best I can


Glenn_carbon wrote

Well for now I want to find a better paying job. I have one now that I enjoy (for the most part) but it's not something I can live the rest of my life off of. I would like to live out in the woods in my state either alone or with my partner (though I don't think they would enjoy that lifestyle) in a small house off grid. Solar, rainwater collection, the works. But for now it's just to survive and save money while I can.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Perhaps you can upload & seed on a private tracker website (and public), and solicit donations from the users there. it will skew towards the type of people who have XMR hanging around and who share your values. It will be just a little bit, but it might be worth it?