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CameronNemo wrote

Move out. Maybe buy property, if I can find some livable land that is affordable. Hopefully find some closer friends.


jaidedctrl wrote (edited )

graduate from college, get some crappy IT job. live with my girlfriend, or maybe one of my best friends. do some cool stuff in my spare time. or, alternatively, get a cool IT job, but those are in short supply.


Glenn_carbon wrote

Try to find an IT job you can do remotely. That's what I plan on searching for in a few years.


videl wrote

survive & not contribute to all the bullshit as best I can


Glenn_carbon wrote

Well for now I want to find a better paying job. I have one now that I enjoy (for the most part) but it's not something I can live the rest of my life off of. I would like to live out in the woods in my state either alone or with my partner (though I don't think they would enjoy that lifestyle) in a small house off grid. Solar, rainwater collection, the works. But for now it's just to survive and save money while I can.


error wrote

7th Generation, every wheel comes full circle in time.