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or how can I get people to think for themselves

Most people I come across accept this life that is given to them. it is though cultural hegemony, globalization, the ruling class opposes its idea of this world being the only world humanity can survive in. I'm sick of no one understanding me because I can think for myself. Everyone assuming it's okay to punish kids and breed the perfect good behaved sports loving kid because “my parents punished me I like sports I grew up okay” I am sick all the screens all the mindless people the reeducation camps also known as schools. The rise in fascism.

My two options for stopping this pain are

  • commit suicide

  • get people to think for themselves

any ideas on how to do the latter

p.s I have thought about making books, zines and sharing them with friends but i have no idea how to do it and i don't like buying books from a capitalist.



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thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

Organise a movie screening + debate evening with a handful of people. You can even start with only 1 or 2.

Watch an episode of the newest submedia series, or one of the movies in the recommended list. Write down a few questions before hand for when the debate slows down, or to direct it in a direction where you want it to go. Don't be pushy, it'll take some time for people to change opinions.

You can even invite one or two over a few hours earlier to bake homemade pizzas, it'll make the evening enjoyable and bait the others to come. Who doesn't want homemade pizzas? :)

People are smart, and will think for themselves, but you can't tell them what to think, you can only give them tools to see the whole picture. And bait them with pizzas and movies.


wowcat OP wrote

i will keep this in mind. unfortunately i can't do this with my friends due to personal issues


ruin wrote

Go to The Anarchist Library

They have a ton of books and flyers to print for free and all formatted and ready to go.

If that’s overwhelming, Sprout Distro is smaller and a little (much) less daunting. It’s more practical intro and less dense academic stuff.

FWIW I would also spend some time with primary sources related to any handouts you distribute. Anarchist library is great for this. When you’re sharing ideas that might be completely new to folks it’s good to have a strong grasp of the key concepts and your interpretations of them.


wowcat OP wrote

the problem with printing out zines/flyers is that you can't make them over 16 pages without them falling apart. this sucks since a lot of subjects require a decent reading into.


jaidedctrl wrote

honestly it sounds like you might need to try and take a break from politics for a bit, for your mental health. hinging your state of mind on politics or progress isn't healthy or sustainable-- being a political actor means endless disappointment and regressions. progress is there too, of course, but it's too slow to place emotional stake in. to affect change you need to be healthy and have a base-line of "ok".

good luck comrade