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raindropq wrote

how is your MAS not anti-civ ?


AnarcheAmor OP wrote

It isn't necessarily so. It isn't pro-civ either. Whether what matters is your relationship to the concept of civilization.

So, in a conversation, the AntiCivist would layout his critique and reasons for wanting to abolish civilization but the Soulist and Meta- Anarchist would be concerned about the nature of the critique. The Soulist would be concerned with the ability to consent to civilization while the Meta Anarchist fears that your critique is starting from the point of hierarchy.

The Soulist says that civilization is a shitshow but ultimately what matters is their personal desires and agency when dealing with said shitshow. If they can opt out or in at their leisure then they are fine. The Meta Anarchist says that concept of civilization as we know it has been built off of hierarchy so the trick here is to start from a place of anarchy. Would the critiques hold up the same?

To explain further, the point of Meta Anarchist thought is to not think hierarchy as the status quo and anarchy as its disruption but the opposite: Anarchy is the status quo and hierarchy is the disruption. So the Meta never sees something as inherently hierarchical and believes that all things can be made anarchical. So if the AntiCiv perspective is that civilization is inherently hierarchical and must be abolished, the Meta objects to that way of thinking outright.

The AntiCiv may scratch their head at this a bit but don't get it twisted, Meta just doesn't like the logic of your critique but ultimately doesn't think you're wrong. It's a rather arbitrary criticism for your purposes but an insight I say any anarchist should consider. Also, don't think that they are neutral in this, Meta Anarchism and Soulism are very much in love with disorganization so they definitely aren't opposed to destabilizing civilization as we know it but Meta is also in love with different forms of organizing so civilization isn't completely off the table for it.

All in all, for me, I don't want to abolish civilization for the sake of its erasure but rather for the sake of changing its relationship to me and ultimately changing the very logic that birthed it. I'm AntiCiv for as long as civilization is anti-me.