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tabby wrote (edited )

Neither, I guess, though I was very broke between 2017-2019 due to getting fired, getting a new job that started lower than what I was making before, and making some poor choices. To supplement my income, I sold plasma on a consistent basis, then got a roommate for a year and a half.

Now, I'm at least able to pay all my bills and have money left over for necessities. I'm about $10,000 below the median annual household income for my county. I do have a good bit of debt, but I'm slowly and steadily paying it down, and I'm not accumulating any new debt. I don't have any savings, but I'm trying to start saving a little every paycheck. My house needs, or will need, quite a few major repairs; hopefully I can hold off on those until more debt is paid off and I have a bit greater cash flow and savings. I'm also hoping that my income keeps increasing faster than inflation/cost of living.


Bezotcovschina wrote

Now - neither. My family certainly was broke in 90s - single mother with two kids. I have no words to express my gratitude for her struggles. Now I'm ok. Maybe, it's my humble needs, but living in, probably, the poorest neighborhood of town makes me feel somewhat advantageous in comparison to others.


Brick wrote

Living paycheck to paycheck.


existential1 wrote

Currently neither, have been both in the last 10 years. Though if u account for debt, I'm still in the negative.


OdiousOutlaw wrote (edited )

I'm wherever "aware that I owe the state a lot more money than I have and can reasonably make in a lifetime but haven't quite felt the impact yet because I moved back in with my single mother and don't have to pay for all bills or utilities" puts me.


Boar wrote

both lol. poor in the grand scheme of things, broke because i can't keep a job for longer than a week and i'm unable to pay bills.