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ziq wrote (edited )

Stop invading Muslim countries, blowing up hospitals and schools, levelling entire cities, and slaughtering women and children.


arduinna wrote

Now, are they really still English if they aren't slaughtering people in Asia and Africa?


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

Blaming "muslims" for terror attacks is like blaming "christians" for terror attacks. Most muslims are actually pretty similar to most christians in that it's pretty widespread and most don't follow the same way as the extremists. This comic promotes islamophobia, which is bad timing considering how much they are already targetted within those areas.

England is already a tragedy, if you want to prevent it, you're too late.

Look at this website you have linked to. Propoganda comics in which the latest one makes a joke against people who "identify as" something other than what you percieve their gender to be. Wow, fuck that site...and fuck you for trying to push it here...

I don't usually give people like you the time...but there you go, my I await the deletion or downvoting of your post...


sudo moderator wrote

OP says we ban Muslims, I say we ban OP. Oh, hey, I can do that!