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Calm down, I know that everyone here is far from being a fash, but these days I started a peculiar shadow work (in the Jungian sense) .

I tried to imagine what kind of fascism would correspond to my shadow, At the beginning I thought maybe Stalinist tankie type would be a match because is closer to me, but after a few narcotics (nocotine, caffeine and theobromine are drugs too) I focused in what I hate more...



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thelegendarybirdmonster wrote (edited )

Easy I'd be authoritarian transhumanist. I'd probabaly believe in a "benevolent ruler AI".


[deleted] wrote (edited )


monday OP wrote

Youkais Matriarchal Monarchy, this could be a good start for a manga.

yu yu hakusho vibes


CaptainACAB wrote

As in, what strain of fascism am I most compatible with?

I can't really say; fascism as a whole would require me to reject nihilism in favor of values that I've never held before.

Shadow!SomeIconoclast would probably be an Avaritionist.

Anti!SomeIconoclast would be some (even more incoherent) mashup of clerical, esoteric fascism and Strasserism.


monday OP wrote

Yes I came across with this two interpretations, I don't know what is more useful to me.

Probably I would be heavy on Julius Evola and Opus Dei, with Monarchist traits and fantasising about being a benevolent dictator like Pinochet.

And I noticed we have a regular esoteric/mystical/whatever-you-wanna-call-it gang here at Raddle. This make me glad somehow


zddy wrote

Feels like a loaded question haha.

Given my geographical placement on this earth i could have easily fallen into a garden variety white supremacist movement and evolved into a nazi.


Majrelende wrote

Ecofascist would probably be the closest since I tend to be closer to the non-human world, but it is such an incoherent jumble of words that I find it startling that it even exists.


raindropq wrote

that Jungian shadow stuff sounds like some bullshit for sale.


monday OP wrote

Idk if we have any psychology expert here but I would say Jung stuff is now more studied at philosophy courses.

At the end I find this concept useful for some self analysis


throwaway wrote

I'd be the classic war-mongering man, compensating for his childhood traumas and the insecurities they inflicted by exuming never-before-seen levels of toxic masculinity, and justifying the annihilation of the first and the best nation in reach, and its people, with some argument along the lines of "war makes the soul and body strong, and does away with the weak; the path to strength is cleansing". Add a strange touch of occult worship and anti-civ tendencies in silent conflict with all my actions and you pretty much have a perfect picture of the mess I'd be making.

Maybe I got a little carried away there...


Ennui wrote

I'd be the fucked semi-fash side character from The Rum Diary—the movie, not the book. Conspiracy theories, psychedlics, and surprising corollaries to anarchism, but I still wear the hat and listen to the speeches.


MHC wrote

The other side denounces "eco terrorists", so I'd be one of them!