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On the pain point I'm basically just an antinatalist with regards to making animals have babies. Curious about why you think what you think.

I do approach things different to most vegans, but I still think mine and Gelderloos's positions are very different despite the many convergences.

I think that generally it's not possible to make more sophisticated general arguments on these points, because developing on any of them requires the argument to become situated and therefore idiosyncratic.

For example if I did, I would have to talk about some of the following:

  • the specific conditions specific supermarkets order and reorder food under.
  • the specific ways that foods of different types are transported
  • the specific ways that waste is dealt with in those specific supermarkets
  • my own personal capacity to desert, to steal, to scavenge as part of a broader lifelong gamble with its own specifics and moving parts
  • my own relation to my health and wellbeing
  • the resources available to me personally


I know some vegans who do do this and I try to keep in the loop where I can, and where I can't if it's an option I prefer to err on the side of caution.