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ziq wrote (edited )

Why do you need proof? They're completely open about it. They even use a .ml domain.

Here's the owner / lead dev's reddit account IDing as an "ML" (he's actually a dengist) and calling me "the arch anti-tankie scum":

In that post he links to his "mega threads" which are filled with literal third-positionist fascist LaRouchite propaganda. More on this (and his censorship of anarchists/gay people) here:

Oh, forgot to say this is the article he got banned for:

Authored by F. William Engdahl, a LaRouchite.

If you're not familiar with the LaRouch movement, here's some reading for ya:


keez wrote

.ml is free to register. Not a coincidence that lemmy uses it, but I thought I'd mention it in case peopøe suspect other services


ziq wrote

Also see this cringy hilarity.

And here's more info about thegreyzone, which he constantly links to as a 'source' to support his genocide apologism.


GlangSnorrisson wrote

Now you’re making me miss brigading tankies. One day I might compile all their ridiculous rants into a zine or something.


ziq wrote

they usually come back with a new epic rant shortly after someone insults one of their daddies on raddle


ziq wrote

Lol their new logo is literally a tank:

The fuck is going on with you, asking for proof they're tankies?