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CaptainACAB wrote (edited )

pressure from the more progressive part of the party and voter base

They weren't able to stop those systems from being built in the first place.

What's changed that would create enough pressure for him to undo what he's built?

A small surge in progressivism doesn't change the fundamentally centrist political party.

If anything, the centrist majority will take any victory that they get and come up with the conclusion that they can get progressive voters regardless of who they put up and will continue to pander to the right-moderate who were going to vote for Trump anyway.


dreamweaver wrote

now that is an argument i can agree with

thats my main worry

i think until we get enough people to actively seek change (if that ever happens), that state of affairs wont go away

until then if either the centrists or progressives win, we bring down a powerful figure of hard right authoritarianism that inflates tension to this day

we'll still be under capitalist rule afterwards, but that doesnt mean well suffer science denying for things as essential as handling the current pandemic for instance