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raindropq wrote

i still have hope for our society because subtle cues detected by the limbic system and babies and kind neighbors telling stories. but yeah i have been feeling creeped-out / sad about the fascism happening ..but i will come around again, where there is a fighting chance to see tomorrow, we will never give up


catachresis wrote

I'm bummed there's no Black Mirror this year.

The state of pop media. Notably 90%+ of modern pop music and Hollywood/Disney/Netflix/etc.

There's no more Bojack Horseman or O.K. KO Let's Be Heroes

I want to still have hope for humanity. I would like to think that more and more people are realizing that capitalism and markets can't solve everything, but also I can also foresee capitalism sinking its fangs even deeper into the neck of humanity.


existential1 wrote

The creation, commodification, and extension of young adulthood.



I suppose you mean the concept of 'tweens'?


catachresis wrote (edited )

I interpret young adulthood as 16-25 or so. Youthfulness is being marketed and sold. Anyone can be young with enough money and leisure.



Oh, yes, I missed the "extension of" part before I posted. Agree with what you are saying, anyway.


UwUltraviolence wrote

My job at target regularly convinces me the species is doomed. Or at least complete extermination of the white American middle class wouldnt be bad.

The lack of masks the entitlement the buying 130 dollars of groceries n the freshest thing is a frozen bag of cheesey broccoli u steam in the bag in the microwave the shear amount of single use plastic items not even mentioning the bags.... the single drink smoothies or yogurt things for dollars the clothing made in Vietnam. When i ring it up i am 2 degrees away from a slave??? A settler thought?

The rage at being told no you can't buy 5 things lf lysol spray no

Its like doomscrolling but injected into my brain without my consent