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thelegendarybirdmonster wrote (edited )

i don't have much time so here are some hot takes:

  • taxes are theft, litterature: david Graeber's "Debt the first 5000 years"

  • I believe morality is more or less constant across humanity, and if every small community form their own laws/rules, they'll end up very similar regardless. There are no laws that order people to queue at the bus stop for example, but most people do it regardless. For more practical laws for example Traffic law, I imagine some sort of web of localized rules that overlay each other. It'll be a bit of a mess but pretty fun lol

  • idk

  • idk,

  • Max Stirner will probably give you the best answers

Edit: In fact, I really recommend Max stirner's "the unique and it's property" , I feel like he would answer quite a few of these questions :)


6u5cbz14R8_4z36Aq7Y22 OP wrote (edited )

David Graeber's "Debt the first 5000 years"

On my list, thanks :)

Appreciate the the Max Stirner recommendation too, added to my list.

Edit: Scanning Max Stirner now, unsure about this amorality and egoism as a response to an imagined state. I will read more in the next days but this seems immediately quite problematic to me. Do you advocate for this position?