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BlackFlagged wrote

No because the people stand to lose a lot more than capitalists from the lack of an internet. Corporations would love to turn the clocks back to the 80s, before we could torrent everything and get our information from each other instead of TV.


Glenarchist wrote

As someone who remembers the world pre-internet, I would say no.We were limited to corporate/govenrment outlets for all our information before it. Organizing and outreach has also became easier too. Decentralize/decorporatize the internet for the win :-)


watermelon wrote

Yeah, but only because it would force us to create meshnets, and do away with centralization and corporate control.


zorblax wrote

No, but I would knock facebook and google offline, which would be equivalent to knocking the entire internet out for 90% of americans.


mftrhu wrote

No. It would hardly be an improvement - the Internet, even if it's being used to spread misinformation, even if it's half porn, is still the biggest repository of more-or-less freely available knowledge around, it still allows us to communicate across the world so information can't be repressed as easily.

Turning back the clock would not be beneficial, except for those who have enough money to, say, control TVs. Newspapers. Printing presses.


Emery wrote

I would, but not for that reason.