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Amorphous wrote launched recently, its turning out pretty good so far


cute wrote

None from what I know. Lemmy is the closest but its full of tankies. I've also heard about which just launched.


QuarantineTheHumans wrote (edited )

If you lean left and are anti-authoritarian then you should join ChapoChat. Link

If you are authoritarian-left/Tankie then I'm pretty sure you're already in the right place.

If you're not looking for a leftist discussion site then I can't help you out b/c I don't know.


rot wrote

going outside


infocom6502 wrote (edited )

raddle or saidit.

saidit is kind of the of reddit and packed with right wingers. But it has some good forums and the layout and functionality is good. It will hopefully become more well rounded and diverse over time.


rot wrote

i meant not being at a pc. going outdoors doesnt have to mean working or being in 'nature' or whatever just going out and doing rather than passively consuming

zelda 2 is a big part of my childhood tho so ill give you that