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karakondjul wrote (edited )

  • Medical trial volunteering (big pharma tests new drugs on me)
  • Stealing
  • Trying to build up a stable income from tattoos
  • (These are the ones that make $money$, I do other things that help me survive too)

transvot wrote

I thought about doing a medical trial before, how bad is it? The money seemed pretty good assuming the drugs didn't make my weiner explode or something


_rose wrote

Not the user you asked, but I have looked into this. You usually need to be healthy first - or willing to lie about being healthy, but that could cause problems with the trial data, possibly preventing other people getting medicine they need. Often you need to commit to being followed up at regular intervals and taking the medication or whatever as prescribed, which can be difficult for people without stable accommodation. Clinical trials can go for a long time and there is always a risk of side effects or even allergic reactions to the drug.

If it all sounds too difficult but you're otherwise healthy and located in the USA, consider selling plasma.