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How do you scrape by in this capitalist society? I'm curious

I'm a mechanic, trying to build up experience right now for some higher pay. Not sure how much of a chance I have of getting a raise at my current workplace though, some of the people there have worked there years with no raise. One worked there for eight years and got two raises. They weren't significant. Another has worked there seven and makes less than me and has never gotten a raise.



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zddy wrote (edited )

I work at a warehouse driving forklift and unloading trailers. We hold food hostage!


masque wrote (edited )

I'm a grad student doing research in machine learning, as well as TAing undergrad courses.


ordinaryDrain wrote

undergrad student so im broke and work at a grocery store


KendrickLamar wrote

Was unemployed. Moving to a remote island to work for the local government.


[deleted] wrote


KendrickLamar wrote

Working with the municipal town government to help develop and implement its 5-year plan. Mind you, I'm not a consultant or anything. I'm a recent college grad and this town is in the middle of no where with ~1200 residents.


_caspar_ wrote

have done remodeling/carpentry/handyman work much of my life. was in academia for a number of years, but the typical route of: hustling for adjunct positions that pay next to nothing, with no guarantee of work semester to semester, in the hopes of getting a full time position after a few years, didnt appeal to me. Ive also done some audiovisual work, which was bearable, but didnt make much where I was living. couldve made more had I worked in a different and/or larger city. not sure how much decent pay av work there is post-covid though, since it relies mainly on live events.


ziq wrote



kinshavo wrote

Office job, and before waiter (a clumsy one)


karakondjul wrote (edited )

  • Medical trial volunteering (big pharma tests new drugs on me)
  • Stealing
  • Trying to build up a stable income from tattoos
  • (These are the ones that make $money$, I do other things that help me survive too)

transvot wrote

I thought about doing a medical trial before, how bad is it? The money seemed pretty good assuming the drugs didn't make my weiner explode or something


_rose wrote

Not the user you asked, but I have looked into this. You usually need to be healthy first - or willing to lie about being healthy, but that could cause problems with the trial data, possibly preventing other people getting medicine they need. Often you need to commit to being followed up at regular intervals and taking the medication or whatever as prescribed, which can be difficult for people without stable accommodation. Clinical trials can go for a long time and there is always a risk of side effects or even allergic reactions to the drug.

If it all sounds too difficult but you're otherwise healthy and located in the USA, consider selling plasma.


GermyCovid444 wrote

I am a human rights lawyer. I made more money writing songs, I still get royalties, so I really do human rights stuff on the side.


Bezotcovschina wrote

Worked for years as a cashier, then got a job in IT when demand for such "workers" highly exceeded supply (I had no higher or professional education). Now mostly slacking.


transvot wrote

i was doing random temp jobs before covid and now ive been unemployed for a while and may be too feral to hold down a job


HelpOthers wrote

Biology PhD student studying neuroscience of addiction and other psychiatric disorders


shmoz wrote

Software dev. Worked for a big corporation before I quit due to how shitty the work environment was. Got my Masters and now work for a company that specializes in developing educational resources for the incarcerated and ex-felons.


_rose wrote

I'm a professional at getting doxxed.

Just kidding. I work in healthcare.


schming1312 wrote

nothing yo!

living in a squatted place, going dumpsterdiving and stealing for food. traveling by hitchhiking when theres shit going on somewhere. if i really need money for whatever i go busking/begging.


MHC wrote

Cost control.