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CaptainACAB wrote

I have a Fiio X1 loaded with 100+ GB worth of songs.

I hate having to rely on my internet connection when I just want to listen to Gravediggaz or something while I walk the dog or am otherwise not in the house.

My phone reception is pretty shit, so I can't really do anything else for it.

Also, there's just something about having a collection of songs that I like.


zddy wrote

Trying to use new pipe but it keeps crashing


mofongo wrote

YouTube changed their algorithm again, waiting for an update. This is making realize I should put more effort on looking for non- YouTube services.


subrosa wrote

MusicBee, some youtube, some soundcloud


celebratedrecluse wrote

i get the files, painstakingly write the mp3 metadata, then periodically forget my encryption keys and lose everything each couple of years


cute wrote (edited )

Music is what keeps me going so I'm very invested in it. I download pirated lossless music and listen to it on overpriced hardware lol


GermyCovid444 wrote

On $300 headphones, playing through a $20 mp3 player.


thelegendarybirdmonster OP wrote

What headphones? Do you recommend them?


GermyCovid444 wrote (edited )

I use bose in ear ones and Sony over ear ones - both noise cancelling, and I highly recommend them both - if you want models, let me know.


anarchyinbedrock1990 wrote

First off, I love your username, second off, I use an mp3 player. Had to switch from an iPod, because my iPod classic died sadly. I mostly rip cds to my computer then transfer them to my mp3 player.


monday wrote

Nowadays sp*tify and [email protected] Because my 15yo mp3 player retired and gone to Florida.

Still have my HD full of dusty mp3


Skull wrote

Mostly on YouTube and Bandcamp. Typically a whole album in one sitting with active listening.


ziq wrote

I honestly don't.