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OdiousOutlaw wrote

I would want to write fiction that focuses on character interaction and development, while subverting, parodying, and deconstructing various tropes seen in fiction, particularly when it comes to morality; I'd really like to write a protagonist with an utterly alien moral framework and how that affects them and the people they come into contact with. Sometimes I entertain the idea of writing a story that spans entire generations; but whatever ideas I get for those don't really "stick".


masque wrote

Probably a collection of short stories & poetry. Novels are overrated.


6c_6f_76_65 wrote

A simple story with a guide on how to transform any soil into a productive garden.

Teach people how to make nutritious soil via composting, bokashi, worm bins... How to raise crop from seed. How to propagate crops. Learn how to quick freeze and teach ICQ and canning.


masque wrote

I had a period in high school of wanting to write a lyrical closet drama, despite basically having only read Manfred and Prometheus Unbound. But that phase passed pretty quickly.

I haven't written any poetry at all in quite a while, though, which is kinda sad.


keez wrote (edited )

I would travel around the world collecting stories from "ordinary" people, meaning people who have stories to tell but no one to listen to them because they're not famous.

I'd collect them and release them as a single entity. Would like to spend many years doing this


Majrelende wrote (edited )

One idea that I have floating around in my mind (though whenever I try to write anything, it turns out unsatisfactory) is a fictional story set in an imaginary earthlike world with its own biota (a bit like if the life on Earth were plucked off and thrown there a few million years ago-- not that different, but certainly not identical). I would like to explore both the world itself and the relationships between statist and anarchical societies, but most of the details are not very clear.

I have also started something else, more of an argumentative piece that attacks capitalism and authority aimed at non-anarchists, hopefully in a new and helpful way.


OdiousOutlaw wrote

Yeah, I've read that one; but the protagonist in it is more amoral than anything else. The protagonist in my story would have a moral compass, it would just be really fucking weird; it also doesn't really work for it to be told in first person and the setting would more along the lines of "modern science-fantasy".

There would definitely be some sort of absurdist angle to work with, though.


OdiousOutlaw wrote

And I'd love to write it; but between all of the worldbuilding, making sure that other characters aren't overshadowed, and my general incompetence when it comes to writing interactions that feel "organic", its execution would make it a convoluted mess.

But I appreciate the fact that you and /u/bloodrose like my idea.



Something about a post-left internet forum created because of a conflict with a mega-corporation....


NeoAnabaptist OP wrote

I find projects like this are always worth trying out for as long as you stay interested enough to put the effort in. Even if you never reach any kind of concrete goal, it builds your skills (maybe the next project will take off) and helps make life just that little bit more fulfilling.


existential1 wrote

I am writing a book currently about colonialism, ecological and social relations, and agriculture. Trying to frame it in a way to talk about the big system ways these things play out and how individuals play it out in their lives.


deeppurplehazedream wrote

I am not a very good writer, but I keep thinking of doing something of a critique of social hierarchy. That is, social hierarchies are just the social organization of violence pure and simple, despite all the complexity. So this would be about trying to overcome violence and how humanity has basically gotten nowhere as a whole. But of course, this will never convince those who think hierarchy is natural or justified -" elitists". I know this is pretty abstract, so this would be a philosophy or political philosophy thing.


OdiousOutlaw wrote

Sure, why not.

Rather than go through the trouble of making new moral concepts outside of the binary of "good" and "evil", I've decided to keep the overall structure of a "normal" sense of morality so that there is a sense of "right" and "wrong"; this has the added benefit of making the protagonist seem human enough (which works well with both the setting and what the character is)and makes her significantly easier to write. With that structure in mind; rather than randomly pick what the protag considers "right" and "wrong", I decided to give her two "virtues" (pride and courage) and two "vices" (mercy and humility) to act as counterparts of "good" and "evil" respectively. Here's where it gets fun; she applies both her "virtues" and "vices" to both herself and everyone else, she would see both arrogance and recklessness as moral pinnacles while seeing modesty and leniency as depraved.

With that being said, I want to write her in a way that makes it so that she doesn't come across as "weird, but still kind of evil"; so her personality would have to be as far from malevolent as possible, which is means her personality also has some bearing on how she "operates": after all, "values" are not the be-all and end-all of whether or not someone is "good" or "evil"; so I envision her as pretty laid-back. But I wanted to add some friction between her and the other characters, so I also envision her as being completely incapable of hatred; which conflicts with the hatred that her allies feel towards their enemies.


Ennui wrote

I wanna write a synthesis of mutualism with the other anarchist trends I find myself gravitating towards, but I don’t even know how I’d start or if that’s possible.

Why, you ask? Because I have bad taste. That’s why.


keez wrote

I've found that people who recommend "the safe thing to do" often (not always) push their own doubts and fears onto you. Meaning they would fear that if they would have to do it themselves.

"You are not them" is something I preach when people do that