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Majrelende wrote

Comparisons of living beings to inanimate and constructed objects, especially capitalist ones-- like comparing brains to computers or worse.

Gender orthodoxy and adherence to its assumptions in language.

Insulting people by comparing them to children is another. I speculate that the true meanings of "child" and "adult" are "not fully socialised" and "fully socialised" respectively; if that is the case, comparing someone to a child means considering them to be uncivilised. It is also the case that in such an insult, it is implied that if someone is a child, they are not worth listening to because they are not fully socialised.

I would love more focus on ageism, since it is so overlooked on both the young ends and the old, and in a way, it is quite helpful to the functioning of capitalism.


polpotisevil2 wrote

Yea I agree about the whole ageism thing. I find it funny that people use insults related to age on the internet where you have absolutely no idea how old the person you are talking to is. People don't seem to understand that calling someone a boomer or childish or whatever is putting down and ignoring the experiences of the people they are insulting. People have different experiences based on their age and should be listened to and not put down because of it