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AgentW_C wrote

I'm with you. The only reason Capitalism has been able to stay afloat as long as it has, was that until recently, there were always new lands to expand to, with new resources to exploit. When Europe was used up, they could go to the Americas and devour the resources there. Capitalism has no choice but to keep expanding. It is centered around the idea of infinite growth, even though infinite growth is impossible. Just as if you constantly gobble up chocolate cake, you will eventually run out of chocolate cake, you gobble up resources, you will run out of resources.

Capitalism is teetering now because there are no longer any places for it to expand to; it has effectively taken over every square inch of real estate in the world. Right now, it's trying to keep the game going a little while longer by cannibalizing itself, devouring other capitalist nations, but there are obvious flaws with that strategy.

Capitalism will eventually fall, but things will get much worse before it does and when it does, well, we can only hope they'll be enough of this world left to salvage.