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ycymroflin wrote

Used pirated versions of Windows on pretty much all the computers I've owned until such time as I either got a free copy from university, or used Linux instead. Without that, I'd have never had the opportunity to learn programming.


tapeworm wrote

By shoplifting whenever I can get away with it, leaving restaurants without paying, salvaging parts from luxury cars and selling them.


MeowZedong wrote

When you say you leave restaurants without paying, are you including tips on that?


AgentW_C wrote

I'm with you. The shoplifting and salvaging bits I can understand, but leaving a restaurant without paying just screws over the wait staff and those in the kitchen and they're already getting screwed enough. Chances are the corporate office that owns the restaurant, has no problem with cutting hours or firing employees to save on the bottom line, and the fired employees will be ones who are already struggling to stay afloat on poverty-level wages.


GrimWillow wrote

Never did homework, dropped out of highschool, quit "jobs", and starting pursuing things I actually enjoyed doing. After a long time of risks and a little struggle, ended up very successful in the sense that I'm dodging having to give any money or labor to capitalists and I do all the organizing, artwork, and reading that I could wish for.