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zer0crash wrote (edited )

Weed helps cope with stress. Too much and too long and you get in a foggy sunken place. Take a break and when you resume shits waay more potent lol


On that illegalist shit tho; yeah, sex, drugs, alcohol and doing wild stupid shit can help build and reinforce that culture, but it's got it's obvious problems. In general, I think most Leftists could greatly benefit from understanding the actually existing (albeit misguided), young, fast, illegalist culture of hip hop, poc struggle and culture etc. I'm on that post-scarcity luxury anarchism shit. fuck it, zero-emission Lambos and mansions for everyone!

I aint fucking with nothing harder than coke tho. tbh I don't try to regularly associate with people who I know are addicts of "hard drugs" because I've been burned way too many times lol. There is a strong tendency of anti-social behavior, theft or conning the limited resources of people around them (who likely care for them). Hard drugs really spread alienation and despair throughout our neighborhoods. White people, in general, are more likely to have family and social safety nets to keep them from ending up on the street tho. It sucks but its true.

I would agree the Nihilism, Individualism, Egoism would affirm drug use and that ties in with the mystical, heathen milieu. however I believe its the consequences of abuse that other people suffer that people are against, not so much its use alone.

but most hallucinogens are p dope!


JoeMemo OP wrote

I know this is sort of a personal question, but I know that many of us are involved in dropout/vagabond culture, drug use, etc. I wanted to get some comments from others who are drug addicts or use drugs.

I ask because, as a heroin user, I have a lot of internal conflict about where I stand on the issue of drug use, especially 'hard' drugs. Other comrades seem to be split on the issue as well.

Even among amoralist, illegalist, and nihilist comrades, I see people moralizing about "hard drugs" (who gets to define that?) and wanting to target drug dealers -- I'm guessing this partly comes from the hardcore straight-edge culture in addition to anarchist 'radical sobriety'.

People who are otherwise critical of organization will say that addicts are 'potential revolutionaries' and that we need to get them off drugs which are numbing them to the humiliation of daily life in bourgeois civilization.

However, I recognize that our cultural notions of addiction (who an addict is, how they behave, what drugs they use, the concept of 'addiction' itself) are very much ideological and the radical sobriety culture, to me, stinks of religious moralism and uncritical acceptance of mainstream narratives about addiction.

I do not hide and am not ashamed of the fact that I am a (recovering) heroin addict. I am conflicted in how this fits into my own politics.

Obviously, being dependent on opiates compromises my autonomy -- it becomes the center of my life, and I end up wasting all my time and power on something that is destroying me; on the other hand, I still shoot dope once in a while because it is a fun, exciting part of my life, and frankly, because I sometimes want to.

I don't feel that this is in conflict with egoism; in fact, I feel that it affirms it. When I was strung out and using was no longer fun, it was clear that I was hurting myself. But even pre-civilized people used drugs. I think the line between using as an affirmation of life vs. hurting yourself and escapism is defined by each of us personally. I just don't think I can ever accept the 'kill your heroin dealer'-type comments that I see some comrades espousing (they often seem aimed more at forcing people like me to stop using than at trying to fix the exploitative way that drugs work under capitalism).

So this was long and rambling but: Where do drugs fit into your life as a radical? Do you experience conflict between a desire for autonomy and a desire for pleasurable experiences?


anyan25 wrote

I've had periods of rampant substance abuse in my life, usually during rough patches when I lacked the means of healthily addressing emotional turbulence. At the moment I occasionally smoke pot for recreation, and sparsely use psychedelics for personal growth. However drugs play a huge role in my life in that I'm currently applying for online college to study Drug and Alcohol Counseling, and I aspire to be someone who can help those looking to break the cycle of addiction. Having seen friends with seemingly pleasant lives end up in desperate circumstances because of a few mistakes made with drug use has motivated me to try and be a source of support and compassion for those who struggle with substance abuse.


ycymroflin wrote

I'll happily share a joint if there's one going around, but that's pretty much it. If others choose to partake, that's up to them.


ProBlackFashAtak wrote

I've tried a lot of them, alcohol, weed, psychedelics, opioids, various uppers. Now the only drug I use is caffeine.

It's just a cleaner, easier lifestyle to me. Plus I can devote more of my resources towards goals vs drugs.


zorblax wrote (edited )

I've started to cut down on my weed use because of a heavy workload, and honestly it doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm still an avid user of psychedelics. I avoid alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, etc... generally anything addictive, except caffeine. My uncle was a junkie and an alcoholic for years and it sort of scared me straight.

Generally, for me, drugs are something to be enjoyed either privately or at live music shows, but people seem to be hellbent on using them socially, and honestly it ruins the entire experience for me. Let me enjoy my trip in peace, thank you.