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hamjam5 wrote

I think it is completely ridiculous and off putting that leninists so often support the Assad government in Syria. The Assad regime has long engaged in systematic racism. It is an authoritarian oligarchy, with government supporting and supported oligarchs ruling over the country and profiting from the exploitation of workers.

It is, in summation, a racist nationalistic exploitative oligarchy. And there are communists supporting it? How preposterous.

Why should I trust leninists who support the people of Syria being ruled by a racist oligarch? Why should I think that they won't find a way to justify and support me being ruled by racists oligarchs as well? What the hell is even the point of being a communist if it ever at any times means supporting people being ruled by racist oligarchs?

Assad stands against U.S. imperialism you may say. Ok, but so did the Confederacy -- would you have supported them? So do many fascists in the US and europe -- would you support them? If the racist oligarchs of the Israeli state or Erdogan started taking a stand against U.S. imperialism, would you support either of those regimes as well?

And how is simply being opposed to U.S. imperialism enough to justify you supporting a regime that is inarguably a racist exploitative oligarchy?

Again, I can't emphasize enough how disconcerting it is to see supposed communists justify people being ruled by a racist oligarchy, and how much it makes me distrust what sort of governance they would thus be willing to justify with similar logic (especially concerning some of the things they have justified from past and present leninist states).