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DeathToAmerica wrote

They love dictators, just so long as those dictators oppose US imperialism. But if said dictators get imperialist, well that's fine.


ShapesInMist wrote (edited )

I don't support Assad but the narrative the west tried to impose was that there were (Camerons famous commons quote) "60,000" democratic rebels to be armed and supported.

It turned out those rebels were mostly Al Nusra - Al qaedas shoot off.

I'd also argue the choice at this current time in Syria is not democratic Swedish-style social democracy or Assad.

It's Libyan/Iraq style collapse while different jihadi sects fight over the remains of the country or Assad.

Given that choice I hope for the benefit of the people in Syria that Russia wins the proxy war between the US/Russia in Syria.

Let's not forget that prior to the overthrow of Ghaddafi and under Ghaddafis leadership, Libya was the most successful African nation on the continent. It ranked highest in every sphere of social development, from the Human Development Index to education to healthcare. We now know his overthrow (from wikileaks) had nothing to do with human rights(TM) but Ghaddafi was working on a project to correct a pan-African currency called the African Dina which would be backed by Libyan gold. This currency would've vastly lifted the lives of Africans across the entire continent and posed a direct threat to European and American influence on the continent. No more slave labour coffee for pennies.

It's moronic to style yourself as a "supporter" of Assad but I definitely see him as the lesser evil to US imperialism and utter collapse of the country